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Musical Magnetic Memory in VHOOKS



    VHOOKS Musical Magnetic Memory, developed by            Enoch, is an advanced learning process using musical melody hooks, beat hooks, and chord progression hooks, mingled together with fun lyrics and stories using key vocabulary combining two or more languages at a time.  

     VHOOKS' unique musical magnetic memory technique weaves languages together with music like never before, in videos with captions, "connecting dots" in the brain and acting as legitimate visual, audio, and musical magnetic memory that sticks! Not only will you remember the original VHOOKS music, it's beats, rhythm, chord progressions and tempo, but you will also remember the visual words and visual sentences displayed in multiple languages side by side on our videos and app, that are associated with these beats, music, rhythm, and tempo.

  You will become a polyglot in no time, using VHOOKS Musical Magnetic Memory!  Come Learn with ENOCH!